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How long does the Health and Safety Test last?


The Health and Safety Test lasts 45 minutes; it includes 15min training, which you can skip if you are confident that you know how the programme works, and 30 min of actual test. In the test there will be around 40 questions that you need to answer. Your results will be given to you right after the test with a certificate. You need to keep this certificate as it is valid for 2 years to apply for a CSCS card. Upon a successful CSCS card application your test validity is extended until the expiry of your CSCS card (usually 5 years).


Why have I been charged in excess of £17.50 as indicated on the official construction skills website?


The amount you have been charged is not the same as the official Construction Skills website (CSCS) because Construction Support Line UK are an agency and we offer numerous services for all clients that book their CSCS tests and cards. All our clients that make health and safety test bookings or card applications with ourselves benefit from our services through the following ways:


1. They are given advice on the type of test that is suitable for their construction skill.


2. The tests are booked promptly.


3.  Hassle Free service.


4. CSCS application forms are sent to all our clients who are applying for a CSCS cards, and our advisers help all clients in ensuring the right qualifications are submitted to us, so as to avoid card applications being rejected.


5. Free Postage - all clients are provided with a free-post envelop, for their application forms. 


6. Prompt correspondence to all our clients’ queries and concerns.


7. Construction Support Line are always up to date with CSCS Card issuing requirements.



Booking the CSCS Test

Here's how to find our shop.

By car

Drive along Main Street to the intersection with First Avenue.  Look for our sign.

By foot

From the center of town, walk north on Main Street until you see our sign.

By bus

Take the #73 Bus to the last stop. We are on the north east corner.

Can another person take my place for a test, as I can not sit the test?


It is not possible for another person to take your place for the test. This is because all your details have been generated into the central data base with personal details that are unique to yourself. Upon arrival at the test centre, a proof of identification is mandatory.



Where can I take my Health and Safety Test?


The CSCS Health and Safety test  can be taken in accredited Test Centres all around the UK. At the moment there are more than 300 test centres, meaning that there is bound to be one within easy reach of you. Book your test by filling in the form at the top of the page.



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