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Am I exempt from taking the Health and Safety test if I have completed an NVQ qualification in the past 2 years?

The exemption from taking the health and safety test, if one has completed their NVQ in the past two years is correct. However please contact our customer service department, as they will need further details from you in order to ascertain your eligibility for the exemption


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How can I pay and book my test?

We accept credit/debit cards issued by Visa or Mastercard . You can book your health and safety test by phone on 0844 682 0844 or online,You can take your test from as little as two days from the booking day. Subject to availability


Can you recommend which is the best revision material to purchase, to assist me in passing the Health and Safety test?

For the Operative test, you'll have to revise the first 80 pages from the "Health and Safety Test" book. Furthermore, we also have a CD Rom, which you can use to prepare for the Health and Safety test. Please contact our Sales Department on  0844 682 0844


How can I prepare for the test?


We offer revision books and CD-ROMs.


Each CD-ROM has a Mock test, so you can read all possible questions and answers and practice passing the test at home before going to the test centre.


Health and safety test revision books are available and translated in 8 languages: English, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian and Russian. You will be able to buy all the revision material during your online booking process or by calling our help line on 0844 682 0844.



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