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CSCS Revision Material


Do I really need to get CSCS revision material?


This depends on how ready you are for your CSCS Test. We strongly recommend for revision material as we have found that 60% of our clients who do not study for their CSCS Test with the official revision material fail but that 80% who do study pass.


What types of CSCS revision material are available?


We offer both the official CSCS revision book and the CSCS CD. The type of revision material you order should depend on how you think you learn best. Many of our clients find the CSCS CD very helpful as it lets you sit mock tests which will help you to get used to the format of the CSCS Test before you sit it. If you would like to order both a revision book and CD you will be able to get both products at a discount.


Free Mock CSCS Test


CSCS- Direct is offering free mock CSCS Tests in software with limited question.




book english English   book bulgarian Bulgarian book romanian Romanian  book german German book lithuanian Lithuanian book polish Polish book portuguese Portuguese 
punjabi Punjabi book russian Russian




CSCS Revision CD


book revisionThis CSCS revision CD has all the questions and answers for all of the 13 Construction Skills  Health & Safety Tests. Also included is the ability to do mock tests with scoring to improve your chances of passing.


The CSCS revision CD is not compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista, as well as Apple Mac OSX.




CSCS Revision Book


CD Managerial Revision bookManagerial and Professional
This book contains all of the questions and answers for the Managerial and Professional (MAP) CSCS test. Unlike the other CSCS revision book, it is only available in English.


CD Operative Revision BookOperative
The Operative book has all of the questions that you could be asked in the Operative CSCS Test. This book is available in a variety of languages.



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